The Little Potion Co. My Heart Blooms Potion Pouch


The Little Potion Co. My Heart Blooms SELF LOVE Potion Pouch

A Potion for self love and to give love to others

Sunflowers are a symbol of love, light and positivity. Like a sunflower blooms from a tiny seed, so can your heart grow in love for yourself. This potion will help you to harness the glowing power of the sun and the sunflower, helping to strengthen the love you have for yourself and for your loved ones.

My Heart Blooms Potion Pouch contains:

  • 4 sparkly dry Ingredients in Biodegradable Cellophane bags
  • 1 Potion Card - on one side is My Heart Blooms spell. The other side is a I AM LOVED affirmation card to be recited as part of your child's daily affirmation ritual.
  • 1 Linen cloth bag to hold your most precious and treasured jewels 

Ingredients: Salt, citric acid, bicarbonate soda, essential oils, mica, bio glitter, dried flowers

Made in Australia

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