Playspirations Red Mountain Earth Paint


Playspirations Red Mountain Earth Paint 

The Earth Paints are completely safe, non-toxic and gluten free, making them a perfect tool for encouraging independence. Allow your little ones to mix their own paints will develop fine motor skills and promote curiosity

Completely natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic and as they are highly versatile, you choose how thick you want the paint to be ~ all you need to do is add water

As a guide, we suggest mixing 1 teaspoon of powder to 1 teaspoon of water. For a thicker paint, add less water and add more water to create a water colour effect

The Earth Paints come in a glass jar 

Whilst the paint powders are completely non-toxic, they are a powder and if inhaled, may cause irritation

Please note: The shades of the paint colour become more vibrant when mixed with water

If too much paint is mixed up, it can be stored in a sealable container in the freezer and left to defrost at room temperature when ready to be used again

As they are made from home, we cannot guarantee that the products do not contain traces of nuts

Playspirations is handmade, natural, sensory play for children, inspired by Nature

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