Pim Pam

Pim Pam Veg Patch Reusable Nappy

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Pim Pam Veg Patch Reusable Nappy

The sweetest illustrated waterproof shell with a super soft micro fleece lining that is gentle to your baby's skin and will keep your baby dry

Pocket nappy design V2: without hip snaps and improved inserts. 

One-size-fits-most. Adjustable snap fastening for the perfect fit. We'd say that our nappies fit from about 8-10lb. to 35lb

Nappy comes with two inserts. Both inserts are a mix of 2 bamboo terry layers and 2 microfibre layers. Super absorbent and quick drying. Ergonomic shape inserts so they are not too bulky between those chubby legs. Now both the same size for improved performance

A double gusset that keeps those pesky leaks contained

The printed PUL fabric that is OEKO-TEX certified. This means all of the printing inks have been tested so they're not harmful for babies.

Preparing to wash

Remove all solids, flush them & put the disposable liners in the bin. Don't keep soiled nappies in the dry pail or waterproof bag for more than 3 days

Pre-rinse or Pre-wash

Pre-wash the nappies on a rinse cycle with no detergent

Main Wash

We recommend washing the waterproof part of the nappy and the wet bag at 40°. A higher temperature will reduce the life span of your nappy over time. You can wash the inserts and wipes at 60°. We recommend washing powder over liquid. The washing instructions are recommendations and not strict guidelines.  

The main wash should be anywhere between 2-3 hours long and if your machine has an extra water setting then it's best to use this. 

There is no need to dry the nappies in between the pre-rinse cycle and main wash

Liners are not essential when using cloth nappies but you might choose to use them. They are a good way to protect the nappy when dealing with poo as they generally catch most of it. Liners are either reusable, usually made from fleece, or biodegradable. You can pop biodegradable liners in the bin and reusable liners in the wash with your nappies

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