Olli Ella

Olli Ella Natural Rattan Pixi Basket

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Olli Ella Natural Rattan Pixi Basket

Pack the medium Nested Piki with your little one's toys, pencils, and colouring books for adventures on the go! It's also ideal for knick-knacks around the house. Increasing in size from our original Piki basket, this 100% natural Rattan beauty is ideal for easy transport and storage

Handwoven with 100% natural Rattan

H18cm x D18cm x W27cm

Full of wonder and magic, Olli Ella make charming children’s accessories inspired by the sisters’ nomadic childhoods spent traveling. Sustainably sourced, with extra focus on craftsmanship and ethical production, Olli Ella ensure the creation of quality products with minimal impact on our environment.

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