Mr Maria Miffy First Light


Mr Maria Miffy First Light

The charming Miffy First Light Lamp is 30cm and made from soft silicone, and is playful and tactile for even the littlest of babies

The First Light emits a soft light and warm glow and is completely safe for your little ones. Like magic, the first light does not heat up even if left on for a long time, so your little ones can safely give their bedtime friend a hug…

The First Light is a rechargeable LED light and comes with a UK Plug and USB adapter and there is an on and off switch as well as a handy dimmer on the base of the light

Low voltage adapter (extra low voltage operates on less than 50volts alternating current)

30cm height, 15cm width, 15cm depth

Polyethylene silicone, LED light

Wipe clean

Meets the highest safety standards

All Mr Maria products come with a 24 months warranty. Please be advised that warranty only applies when the product is handled in a normal and proper fashion as stated in the user manual

Dutch artist Dick Bruna created Miffy in 1955 after telling his one year old son a story about a rabbit they had seen on holiday. Sweet and serene, the Miffy lamps are suitable for children of all ages. Designed for bedtime, reading and playing, they are just perfect for kids' spaces.

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