Meri Meri Octopus Costume


Meri Meri Octopus Costume

Little ones who love the ocean, and to dress up, will absolutely adore this amazing octopus costume. It is crafted from shiny lame fabric with 8 dangling limbs, perfect to wave around and pretend to float through water. The head section features fabulous 3D eyes

It is crafted from shiny lame fabric and fits like a cape and the 8 limbs have sensational sucker details, created using shiny sequins. The head section is padded for structure and the 3D eyes give this costume a wonderful wide-eyed stare

Suitable for ages 3-6 years

Product dimensions:Neck - 521mm, Length - 591mm

From making handmade greetings cards at her kitchen table over 30 years ago to launching a company with a studio team of designers, crafters and illustrators, founder Meredithe Stuart-Smith built Meri Meri around a heart of creativity and imagination. Bringing ideas to life for all ages, it aims to "preserve the wonder of childhood throughout a whole life", transforming everyone's dreams into reality with playful themes and products. With something for every occasion, look through the brand's accessories to find something that will bring a pop of colour and playfulness to their everyday outfits or find the perfect dressing-up costume that will inspire dreams, spark imaginations and transform children into their favourite characters and animals.

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