Leo Leo Natural Apron

$37 $50

Leo Leo Natural Apron

Heavy organic cotton canvas with space for brushes and pocket for the artist's favourite tools. Densely woven and therefore naturally water-repellent. Closes in the back with strong push buttons.

Use the apron for endless play of different themes, the apron is uncoloured natural cotton and just waiting to be stained by watercolours, markers, etc.

1 - 4 years (42 x 50 cm)

100% organic cotton

We recommend that you wash your apron as little as possible! And if you do, use cold water.

Washing your garments on temperatures as low 20°C or as 30°C will minimise the risk of shrinkage.

This apron is developed in a totally unbleached and very little processed cotton. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when washing it.Remember to use cold water and stretch well in the fabric while it dries.

Leo Leo is a family brand based on play and creativity. The luxurious and timeless designs for babies and children are created with the philosophy that there is no wrong ideas when you play, only great ambition and imagination. The organic collection is designed in a dreamy, tonal colour palette with the aim to give a calm and harmonised effect on their surroundings.


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