Zimpli Kids

Zimpli Gooey Glitter Slime


Zimpli Gooey Glitter Slime

Gliiter Slime Play turns water into up to 10 Litres of gooey, oozy slime!

Sprinkle the Intertek certfified biodebragable Slime Play powder into a bowl of water and watch it magically transform into slime!

When you’re finished playing, simply add more water and dispose of down the toilet.

Slime Play is the perfect product for messy and multi-sensory play!

Available in Pink and Aqua, with bio- glitter

Glitter Slime Play - 50g Contains: 1 x 50g Colour Powder Skin Safe - Drain Safe - Easy

Clean - Stain Free

The powder is certified biodegradable!


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