Colour Me Kids Crayons


Colour Me Kids Crayons 

With 12 shades of skin colours, Colour Me crayons are designed to celebrate the diversity of our rainbow society

12 vegan, non-toxic skin colour crayons

Crayon names and colours created by kids themselves

The triangular shape of the crayons helps children develop the correct pencil grip

Conforms to international testing standards

We understand how important it is to you to be an ethical, mindful consumer. That's why 5% of the profits from your purchase goes to education for underprivileged children in South Africa ~ every child deserves an education 

The motivation behind Colour Me was to ensure all children felt represented from a young age. While we are seeing more diverse resources for children, including books and toys, it’s almost impossible to find stationery for early childhood years that reflects diversity and inclusivity. More than just a small brand - the husband and wife team, are passionate about encouraging children to celebrate the colour of THEIR skin! 

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