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Honu Play Peach Greta The Great Sea Turtle

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Honu Play Peach Greta The Great Sea Turtle 

GRETA THE GREAT™ is a playful, recycled solution to plastic pollution, made from discarded fishing nets and other end-of-life maritime industry plastics

Inspired by one of our favourite endangered ocean friends, the sea turtle, Greta the Great™ is waterproof and ideal for bath or water play

Made in the UK from 99% recycled materials

BPA and Toxin Free

Suitable for children aged 1 +

Earth Friendly, the plastic is collected from ports all around the world and returned to Denmark via land and sea. The materials are sorted, tested for chemicals to ensure they are child safe (BPA and toxin free) and shredded to be reformed into Greta the Great, and they’re able to be recycled again and again

Actual colour may vary slightly due to the recycled nature of the product

It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in our seas than fish and with this in mind, Greta the Great was born, a playful solution to plastic pollution. 

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