Bezisa Wooden Beaded String Set


Bezisa Wooden Beaded String Set 

Bezisa wooden beaded play set with 30 beads of different sizes and shapes

Perfect for fine motor skills and for practicing patterns

String set colours vary

High quality and lovingly made

Bead set comes in a linen BEZISA bag 

The wooden beads are made of untreated, Birchwood from sustainable planted forests in Europe 

Bezisa create conscious and functional designs, inspired by nature. Bezisa products are handcrafted in the Netherlands by a team of talented ladies who are supported by two amazing organisations: Fermwerk, an organisation that guides people who have distanced from the job market due to mental health issues and Boogh, an organisation who offer guidance, treatment and reintegration after life changing incidents. Bezisa operate on a minimal waste scheme, with left over materials being taken to local school for craft activities.

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